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Mike Tyson’s old house is being turned into a church

WARREN, Ohio — A garishly appointed Ohio mansion that heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson once called home and subsequently fell into disrepair is being converted into a house of worship. The Living Word Sanctuary Church has been cleaning…

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How the birthplace of the Oreo became Google’s $2B food court

Google this: What half-empty, bullet-riddled West Side building sold for under $10 million less than 25 years ago and is worth over $2 billion today? Answer: Chelsea Market at 75 Ninth Ave., which Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is…

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Behold the $110M home of Saudi royalty

If this home looks fit for royalty, that’s because it is. A large Los Angeles estate — owned by a business entity affiliated with the late Saudi Prince Saud al-Faisal — will hit the market for a staggering…

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